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Lyme Racing Club

Adult and Women Coaching:


We provide multiple levels of coaching covering Track, Road and Mountain Biking.

Coaching on today:

Sorry there is no coaching on today

Lyme racing club has a selection of coaching sessions that are aimed towards adults and women. The club trys to cater for all of the riders with in the club. Due to the large youth population of the club, the sessions that are ran for the adult cohort try to be as regular as possible but are in smaller numbers than the sessions for the youth. We hold coaching sessions on the track and mountain bike sessions for those in the club looking to advance their skills in these areas.

It is not uncommon to get youth riders attending the adult sessions. This is something that we encourage so that the youth can learn from the more experience and vice versa.

We will put female specific coaching sessions in place to help set up a safe area in which the riders feel safe. The delivery of these sessions are different from the main sessions. They are focused on improving the overall rider and helping the confidence on and off the bike. We aim to help in any way we can. The female sessions are ran on a request basis. We will run a female coaching session if someone wants one! Just ask our coaching team for more information on this.

We hope to see you at a future session.